Technical specifications


The aim of technical specifications is to identify the guidelines for producing advertising material for the publication of campaigns on the sites of the Bravomedia network. icona-download

Download technical specifications

These guidelines identify the size, format and other features of the various kinds of creations.

  • All advertising formats must open a new browser window when clicking on it. The pointed URL, that is, the Internet address to which the browser is to be redirected when the image is clicked, must be provided for each creation. This URL must correspond to the page of a site; the creation may not point directly at file downloads, whether the files are executable or not.
  • Banners are supplied through Javascript calls and not through frames
  • All rich media formats must have an alternative GIF version and need to be tested. For creations in movie flash format, you are advised to send the source file (.fla) and any fonts used together with the material. In addition, again for flash creations, videos saved in Adobe Flash version CS5 or earlier are preferred.
  • Bravomedia reserves the right to suspend a campaign if it presents technical problems.
  • Under no circumstances shall the customer, on his own initiative, decide to use the name and/or trademarks of the sites of the Bravomedia Network in association with his own or copied into his creation. Each individual use of the Brand shall be agreed beforehand with the Marketing Department of Bravomedia.

All materials must be sent at least 5 working days before the start of the campaign to : Publication or transmission on the scheduled date is not guaranteed if the material is not received within the term established.

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