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Electoral messages
Electoral messages include all messages which refer to the political elections organised by the Home Office (Parliament/Senate – Administrative – European – Referendum).

Said messages are subject to the Equal Treatment Law (“par condicio”) dictated by the Authority for the Guarantee of Communications (“Autorità Garante delle Comunicazioni”), on the occasion of elections held by the Home office (that foresees communication ), publishes its rules on www.agcom.it to which all Editors must abide by from that moment until the day of the elections.

Messages permitted
Only the following type of electoral messages are permitted:
• announcements of debates, round table, conferences, speeches;
• publications related to the presentation of the list of programs, groups of candidates and candidates;
• publications of debates between several candidates.

The spaces available must be distributed equally amongst the interested parties, according to the same conditions, provided that the request is made within the period stated. The principle of equality should also be observed between the lists and candidates from the same constituency as well as the parties and/or political movements.

Each Editor is obliged to carry out a documented check, at the request of the interested political parties/stakeholders, of the terms and conditions for access to the space in question as well as the lists in relation to which the tariffs for the same space have been determined.

Tariffs for access to the advertising space
From the moment of publication of the electoral tariffs on the website www.bravomedia.it the same treatment and economic conditions must be maintained for all parties/movements/candidates (penalties to be incurred). The prices therefore, will be fixed and non-negotiable. There are no discounts or agency prices.

(18. Tax concessions
For printed matter, including paper and ink, for the purchase of advertising space, for political communication on the radio or television, for political messages and media campaigns in newspapers, magazines and on the internet, for the renting of venues , fitting and services connected to the event, in the ninety days prior to the election of the House and Senate, of the members of the European Parliament representing Italy and, in areas, in the 90 days prior to the elections of the presidents and regional councils, mayors and municipal and district councils, commissioned by political parties and movements, from the list of candidates and applicants, a VAT rate of 4% is applied).

Booking process
As they are notices that require payment in advance, they must always be sent as an option to the competent Executive. Both the option and the reservation must refer to T020 in order to allow the insertion of the election adverts to be successfully tracked.

Timings of reservation and delivery of material
The reservation and related materials should be sent no later than 48 hours before for web publication. All advertisements received within the time specified will be published.

The material should be sent to info@bravomedia.it
Method of payment
Only forms of payment in advance are accepted, and for publication in newspapers at the latest by 1500hrs on the day prior to publication.

The material must always be sent to Bravomedia for approval.

Prohibitions for Public Administrations
From the date of the start of the election campaign to the closing of the voting all the public administrations are prohibited from carrying out communication activities with the exception of those in an impersonal form and those necessary for the efficient performance of its operations.

Excerpt of Art. 9. law n. 28/2000
(Corporate communication and information requirements regulations)

Prohibition of publishing electoral political messages
The publication and transmission of any electoral message on the internet is forbidden: the day before (1 minute after midnight) and in that/those set for the voting.

• all advertisements must be sold at the price listed, without any discount;
• adverts in position are not allowed;
• payment is always in advance
• invoices only made out to party/candidate/ electoral client/ movement;
• VAT 4% for both print and internet;
• electoral reference T020;
• compulsory caption: ELECTORAL MESSAGE in the top right (minimum body 12) in addition to the name of the ELECTORAL CLIENT.
• material to be sent: info@bravomedia.it

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